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What Starts here changes the world


Access Cache Schools' single-sign on website for students:

You will be asked to install an extension the first time you use ClassLink. This should only occur the first time. 

ClassLink is also available as an app for your iPad or phone, simply download the app and then search for Cache Public Schools in the app.


To log on to your students’ page use your student’s school email address and password. 

For most students, their email address is their, i.e., and their password is their first name and student ID number  (Students sometimes know this as their lunch number), i.e. Tammie123456. 


Here is a QuickGuide to get you started using ClassLink: Quickguide

If you are having trouble logging in, try these suggestions: 

  • Ensure that you are signed out of all Google emails. Sometimes if the parent is signed into their gmail, it will automatically use that google account to sign-in instead of asking for the students' account. **If you have any trouble, first log into your student's email, then open another tab and log into ClassLink. 


  • Ensure that your student has a period between their first and last names. If you forget to do this, your programs may not work. For example,, NOT


  • You can find your student's ID number in wengage (the online gradebook program.) The ID number is usually located below the student's picture and is a 5-6 digit number.


TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2018

Cache Public Schools would like parents/guardians of NEW students to district who have moved into the Cache School District or are just starting school as a NEW student to know Mrs. Janiece Cress will be available to help with enrollment during the emergency shutdown. 

In order to make the enrollment process as smooth as possible, parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to set an appointment for a virtual meeting by emailing Mrs. Cress at  

These are the items parents/guardians will need to email in order to enroll: a state certified birth certificate for student, shot record, photo ID of parent/guardian, student social security card, proof of residence in Cache School district such as electric bill, water bill, or rental agreement in the name of the parent/guardian.